RH2 principals have a wide range of expertise in health care and general government operations. Read more to learn about our proven success partnering with diverse clients.

Areas of education expertise include:
• Even Start
• Early Childhood Health
• At-Risk Youth

Areas of health care expertise include:
• Uninsured
• Medicaid
• Public Health
• Behavioral/Mental Health

Areas of general organizational expertise include:
• Organizational efficiency
• Program Cost Control
• Fiscal analysis
• Program evaluation
• Grant writing support
• Drop-out prevention
• Forecasting Federal and State funding
Featured studies and projects:

Evaluation of Communities in Schools (2009):
RH2 Consulting undertook a comprehensive assessment of Communities In School of Central Texas’ campus-based operations. The project team documented gaps between existing and needed service levels. The project included campus visits, interviews, focus groups, and written and web-based surveys of students, CIS staff, school faculty and staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders. RH2 extracted data from the TEA CIS database on the impact of CIS services on students outcomes related to behavior, academics and attendance. The team assessed student need for additional CIS program hours at different school campuses based on student outcomes. RH2 created "Staffing Calculator", software CIS staff can use to forecast the effect changes in direct service hours by different types of staff would have on student outcomes.
Download the study. (PDF)

American Youth Works: Austin, Texas (2009):
RH2 Consulting completed an evaluation of American Youth Works’ (AYW) Special Programs Division. AYW is an Austin-based Charter School offering a number of programs geared toward supporting students in the development of career-ready skills. As part of this evaluation the project team completed a needs analysis of the agency’s data collection systems. The firm used interviews, focus groups, and other methods to determine the capabilities of the division’s existing data systems. RH2 then identified the gaps between the existing data system capabilities and the needs AYW had for data so that the agency could meet funders’ expectations. The project deliverables included a data collection system and draft and final reports with findings and recommendations to guide AYW's Special Program Division in future data collection efforts.

Student Health Insurance Study (2009):
RH2 was hired to examine potential implementation concerns regarding student health insurance requirements at four-year institutions of higher education in Texas. RH2’s research debunked many misconceptions about mandatory student health insurance requirements. Additionally, if Texas implemented mandatory hard waiver programs, 141,000 previously uninsured Texas college students could have access to affordable health coverage.
Download the study. (PDF)

3-Share Study (2008):
RH2 partnered with TXP and Morningside Research to evaluate the potential economic impact of three-share health coverage plans in Texas. The team found that nearly 160,000 Texas employees and their dependents could gain health coverage through the pilot programs, generating over $700 million in increased spending in those communities. If 3-share programs were implemented statewide, the uninsured population in Texas could be reduced by 6.8 percent in as little as three years. This study has resulted in legislation.
Download the study. (PDF)

Uninsured Study (2007):
Robin Herskowitz authored a comprehensive study on Texas’ uninsured for the Texas Health Institute titled A Vision for Change: Policy Solutions for Increasing Health Coverage in Texas. The report proposed 12 specific and practical policy solutions for consideration by the Texas Legislature which would have cut the state’s uninsured by half over a five-year period. Four of the 12 proposals were adopted by the Texas Legislature, including restoring the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), providing seed money to encourage the development of "3-Share" health plans for small businesses, and expanding the state’s high-risk insurance pool and the Health Insurance Premium Program for low-income workers. Other proposals generated interim studies by the Texas Legislature, which will lead to their reconsideration in the next legislative session. Healthcare coverage for higher education students is one of the proposals currently being reviewed by the Texas Legislature.
Download the study. (PDF)

Performance Review (2006):
As a subcontractor to Public Works, LLC, Robin Herskowitz, co-directed a comprehensive performance review of West Virginia state government. The consulting team wrote training materials and provided on-sight training for state employees, directed research efforts, and edited written recommendations developed by state employees. With Robin’s help West Virginia state employees uncovered $318 million in savings over five years during the first phase of the performance review and another $105 million in the second phase.

Undocumented Immigrants (2001):
Robin Herskowitz directed a national study that estimated the cost of providing emergency medical services to undocumented immigrants in border counties in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. The study resulted in federal legislation to provide over $1 billion in fiscal relief for hospitals treating large numbers of undocumented immigrants.
Download the study. (PDF)

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