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Founded in 2003, RH2 Consulting, Inc. is a public policy consulting firm located and permanently staffed in Austin, Texas. The firm specializes in health and education policy-related research studies, program evaluation studies, cost-benefit analysis, and government performance reviews and efficiency studies. Together the firm’s principals bring more than 50 years experience in healthcare policy development to our consulting work.

RH2 is a small firm with a large network of talented professionals who enable us to keep costs down while ensuring our clients have the most qualified team possible to meet their needs. Our firm excels at bringing divergent views together to find meaningful solutions to tough policy problems.

The RH2 team knows how to take complex issues and make them understandable. We honed our writing and presentation skills in the public sector making presentations and writing memoranda and reports for elected officials and the public. RH2’s principals have directed more than a 100 engagements designed to educate legislators and stakeholders on diverse topics of importance to our clients including the uninsured, public education, undocumented immigrants, access to healthcare and drop-out prevention.

RH2 is a HUB certified by the State of Texas and is certified by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency and the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency as a Small/Women-Owned Business Enterprise (S/WBE).

RH2 is also certified by the U.S. Department of Education as evaluators for Even Start, a federally funded early childhood literacy and education program. RH2 currently serves as the evaluator of record for American YouthWorks’ Even Start program.

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RH2 is dedicated to more than meeting contract requirements. RH2 believes supporting our clients so they can achieve their goals whether that’s having a clearer understanding of an internal process or writing a comprehensive report to educate or advocate. RH2 is committed to providing real help.


         Robin Herskowitz
Robin Herskowitz brings almost 25 years experience in public health policy development, public and private sector research and analysis, evaluation, and project management to her consulting work. Robin’s prior work experience includes positions as a legislative policy analyst, director of governmental affairs for a company serving persons with disabilities, and as a Senior Associate with MGT of America a private consulting firm.

Robin has directed scores of studies including seminal studies on fraud measurement, the uninsured, and undocumented immigrants. She has worked with dozens of non-profits to ensure they met evaluation and funding requirements and governmental agencies to improve program efficiency.

Robin attended the University of Texas School of Public Health where she examined pressing public health issues including mental health access and public health laws relating to mental health. While a Senior Policy Analyst with the award winning Texas Performance Review, she researched and analyzed Texas health and human service agency policies and budgets to develop concrete recommendations to enhance program efficiency and save state taxpayers money.

         Phyllis Coombes
Vice President of Research
Phyllis Coombes has served as head of research on numerous RH2 projects. She was the Texas Comptrollers Office’s lead analyst for health and human services spending for over twenty years. In that role Phyllis acted as health and human services team leader for five Texas Performance Reviews. These Performance Review reports recommended changes in state law and agency operations resulting in millions of dollars of enhanced federal revenues and savings from program efficiencies.

During her tenure with the state, she provided testimony before the Texas Legislature and educated stakeholders on these and many other reports and research projects she authored. Phyllis also directed the Comptrollers’ welfare reform effort resulting in the publication of A Partnership for Independence and Dollars We Deserve. The Texas Legislature used this study to create the Texas Welfare Reform Act and Dollars We Deserve, a series of reports measuring the equity of Texas federal revenues from different programs.

Phyllis has an honors B.A. and a master’s degree from the University of Texas and all but a dissertation for a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

         Jon Hockenyos
Economist / RH2 Associate
Jon Hockenyos has had a life-long interest in economics and public policy. Following stints as an aide to a member of the British Parliament and work on a Senatorial campaign in his home state of Illinois; Mr. Hockenyos founded TXP, an economic analysis firm, while attending the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin in 1987. Since then, he has successfully completed hundreds of projects for a wide variety of clients, with a strong record of on-time, on-budget delivery.

Jon makes numerous public presentations and speeches, has served as a resource witness on a variety of issues for a large number of city councils, state legislatures, and the U.S. Congress, and is widely quoted by both print and electronic media.

Jon received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Illinois and Masters of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, where he has taught as an Adjunct Professor.

         Amy Spiro
Communications Consultant / RH2 Associate
Ms. Amy Spiro is an experienced policy analyst and writer specializing in developing clear and concise reports and public education materials. She has written widely disseminated research reports, executive summaries and other communication materials for non-profit organizations including the Children’s Defense Fund Texas, the Mental Health Association of Texas, the Texas School Alliance, and the Seton Healthcare Network. Amy has played a key role in a number of program and health behaviors evaluations of local public health and education initiatives including Insure-a-Kid and Project Advance at the Austin Independent School District.

Amy graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with Honors and earned a Master of Arts in Government from the University of Texas.

         Robin Pearson
Healthcare Consultant / RH2 Associate
Robin Pearson, MPAff., has more than 10 years experience in health and family policy, including seven years researching and writing health policy issue briefs for statewide policy forums. During her four years as legislative and media aide for Texas State Legislator, she wrote everything from speeches and weekly newspaper columns to state legislation, giving her both a breadth of perspective on health issues and a deep understanding of the political process in Texas.

Robin has an undergraduate degree in creative writing and a master’s degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. She also completed 18 hours of graduate-level journalism courses.

         Linda Gibson
Linda Gibson is a financial and public policy consultant with 28 years experience working for statewide elected officials on health and human services programs such as public health programs, offenders with mental impairments, substance abuse, and juvenile probation. She has served in the offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senate, Attorney General and State Comptroller. Linda has worked extensively with taxpayers, advocacy groups, and agencies on many critical tasks including funding, program evaluation, surveys, and needs assessment.

         Amy Salinas
Facilitator-Trainer/RH2 Associate
Amy Salinas has more than a decade of AmeriCorps program management experience. She has a proven ability to work effectively with diverse populations. She has developed and delivered trainings for the Corporation National and Community Service (CNCS) throughout the country. Amy is a skilled facilitator who works equally well with individuals and groups. She brings strong analytical skills to her evaluative, management, and facilitation engagements.

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