RH2’s goal is to provide its clients with real help. If you need a topic researched to advocate, educate or motivate we can help. We make it our business to understand your goals so that at the end of the day you don’t have just a report, you have information you can put to use.

Since July 2003, RH2 has been providing public policy consulting services to both public and private sector clients. Whether you’re a state government with an operations problem, an organization trying to resolve a thorny public policy issue, a non-profit evaluating your programs, a hospital or other agency dealing with health care funding or issues of the uninsured, RH2 has the expertise to provide you with real help.

RH2 Services
RH2’s services feature Policy Studies, Program Evaluation, Outreach Activities, Healthcare Funding, Research Support, Management Efficiency Studies/ Performance Reviews, Healthcare Fraud/ Overpayment Studies.

RH2 Experience
RH2’s areas of expertise feature Medicaid, Uninsured, Public Health, Mental Health, Human Services, Organizational Efficiency, Program Funding and Fiscal Analysis.

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